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How To Prepare Keto Diet Meals For a Month

There’s nothing better than opening the fridge or freezer after an exhausting day…and dinner is prepared to cook and eat. I’m certain that there are two types of people in the world: those who prepare meals and people who don’t. I’m determined that I can show those who don’t have a plan for the meals they eat that it’s worth it! I’ll show the basics of keto meal preparation and provide keto-friendly meals for the entire month in just two hours!

Keto Meals For A Month: Is It Worth It?

Meal prep is a favorite of mine and my of friends. But it wasn’t always that way. At first I was not thinking about meal preparation. I was happy with my usual dinner of chicken or steaming my broccoli to the 112nd consecutive time. Right?

Recipes I found on blogs said that keto meal prep ideas is best done in just five hours over the weekend. It was like I’d have to sell my weekend! The precious time I spend in the kitchen seems to be my notion of a fun time. But I finally found the confidence to “give the idea a shot.”

My first experience when I went through an experience with meal preparation was a complete failure. It was extremely stressful because I had no prior experience and picked meals which were difficult to cook.

I remember my husband entering the kitchen. I was standing over the sink peeling a zucchini with a cheap-o handheld spiralizer…wide-eyed…hungry…tired. He asked me what I was doing and I’m pretty certain I consumed the head! He wasn’t sure if I’d ever do that the next time around.

This is the Reason I Saved Myself…

Then, I came across an online site for meal preparation called Salt & Prepper written by Jess from Chicago who cooks and also manages. It’s normal that her blog includes very efficient meal preparation plans that include a PDF file that can be printed and contains an grocery list and each recipe card.

Her recipes are easy to cook, nutritious and usually less than 400-500 calories. Read her 5 tips for meal preparation to help you get started exactly as I did!

How can I make Keto-friendly meals for a month?

If you’re not prepared for dinner, I’m going tackle the task to teach you the most effective method to beat the anxiety of eating dinner. I’ll explain using the following recipes ways to make meals ahead and reduce time and cost. Through the following Keto recipe for meal prep I can make up for an hours of time if you start meal preparation today.

The first step of meal preparation is to choose five healthy meals that are easy enough to make in order to reduce time and expense in the long run. Check out the five recipes below! I guarantee that it takes only two hours to transfer the ingredients into the dishware made of plastic.

That’s right! It takes just 2 hours to make an entire month’s worth of Keto nutritious options for food for your whole family will love. This is how you can prepare 50 or more servings of these recipes , and leave with Keto meals for an entire month. It’s time for you to divide and conquer with the kitchen appliances available to you, including the stovetop, slow cookers, as well as the oven!

Keto Meals: How to Prepare For an Entire Month of Healthy Meals |

Keto Soft Taco Casserole

This recipe can be utilized to serve a large crowd. Casseroles are a great ingredient to incorporate into the meal preparation process. It’s easy to put ingredients in dish dishes for casserole and then bake it. You may have read about the Keto taco recipe. I was trying to cut down on time and cost in addition to carbs, and have been skipping out on the three net carb tortillas. I’ve completely forgotten about it.

Like the chili, it’s possible to dress the dish using chopped romaine, cheese with sour-cream as and Taco Bell hot sauce. It will make you think about that Chipotle bowl or a Taco Bell Power Bowl. You can enhance the taste by adding some guacamole as well as salsa. The prep time for this recipe is around 10 minutes. It usually yields around 16 servings when you making it twice! While the taco casserole bakes at the table, get started creating the next casserole you can prepare the cheeseburger casserole!

Keto Mexican Chicken

This is actually a brand new recipe that will allow me to cook my meals during my meal prep time. Most of the time I make the same dishes, but introduce new recipes from time to time to spice it up (or for the case that I’m lazy).

This is one I discovered recently on the Low-Carb Yum website. I love her quick and easy keto recipes that requires just three ingredients. I’m a huge fan of recipes that require seven or less ingredients (if you weren’t aware!). This recipe will reduce the amount of time cooking and spend you’ll be spending time more with loved ones.

Do you have a fond memory of your slow cooker? It’s a traditional dump and go recipe made with just four ingredients. It takes only 10 minutes to prepare. The speedy preparation time isn’t only the best feature of this recipe. This low carb, high fat soup is only 5g net carbs being 400 calories. Its fat-rich content will be adequate to provide you with energy for a long time.

If you’re not ready make the effort of cooking meals, this recipe is perfect to cook for your desk prior to going to work. This incredible Crockpot could be programable, and is ideal to cook soups and casseroles. It is a good idea to have extra food in the fridge for serving guests, or to stay away from going out and spending too much in food, is an essential component of meals preparation. So , now you’ve got your chili on the boil and the Mexican Chicken Soup cooking in the slow cooker. Now you’re getting ready to cook the casseroles!

Keto Meatball Parmesan Casserole

The final item on our list is Keto Meatballs for meals. These can be changed into a calorie-rich, carb-rich meal by adding pasta, however I’m certain that your children won’t be conscious of the lack of pasta or the zucchini concealed in the dish. It’s not your fault!

It’s likely to be among the “hardest” dish of the five. I usually take an hour of break before the time it’s time to cook this recipe because of the fact that cheeseburger casserole will take about 35 minutes to cook in the oven. It’s harder than other recipes due to the fact that I need to clean my hands for the meatballs. The recipe actually is more simple than it appears.

Keto Recipes for a Month of Healthy Meals |

After you’ve put everything in the bowl, you’re now ready to smash and mix the mixture. The meatballs should be approximately one-quarter of an inch when it’s formed. This recipe makes around 24 meatballs. You can easily increase the recipe by doubling it and still not enough to make enough to meet the demand.

It’s only eight servings of this recipe but I’m keeping it on my menu because it’s a very popular option. It’s easy to add more veggies by boiling the French green beans in the microwave prior to mixing it with the meatballs.

There you go! In less than two hours you can make Keto food for your every month family.

Keto Cheeseburger Casserole

It was mentioned by my husband as “the best food you’ve ever prepared.” In light of my husband has a tendency to be averse to cauliflower, this is huge compliment! This dish is so good at making it look so delicious that your family won’t be able to discern the distinction. We like dressing it with mustard, and sugar-free condiments like ketchup like it was a real cheeseburger.

The cooking and preparation time of this recipe is exactly the same as that of its taco dish. It’s as simple as cooking bacon and ground beef before adding eggs and cheese before placing it in your casserole dish. I even used the same skillet and dish to make the taco-based casserole! I typically get 10-12 portions for this casserole, and each one comes having its own individual”bun” consisting of cauliflower “bun.”

Keto Chili

Chili is a must have food product in my house. It’s easy to make using cheese, sour-creamand of pork’s porkrinds! This recipe comes taken from one of my loved places: Gnom Gnom operated by Paola. The gorgeous lady is obsessed with Keto and gluten-free meals. We also had a go at her amazing shortbread biscuits recipe to commemorate Valentine’s Day and they turned out amazing:

The thing that sets her recipe apart from the rest in the length of time she puts in explaining each ingredient in depth and the elements that make health easy. Her cooking methods are precise and precise. It is a delicious recipe every time I cook it.

The most appealing aspect of her recipes is her auto ingredient adjustments. I boost the servings up to 12 each time I prepare this recipe. My husband consumes more servings than usual, therefore I usually get around 9-10 servings for each batch.

What I like about this chili recipe is the taste which is full of flavor and thickness after the chili is cooked. The majority of Keto recipes for weight loss are made of meat, and some extra meat, and the addition of some chopped peppers…and this could result in an extremely oily meal. I’m not a big fan of peppers because they can be too big for me. With onions that are well-browned and diced tomatoes, this chili recipe has the right amount of spice and thickness that resembles full-carb chilies.

Chili is typically the first or second meal I make. As the chili cooks on the stove I am able to make my crock pot dinner. Mexican Chicken Soup using the Low-Carb Yum.


If you like these recipes, don’t forget to check out my entire mix-up Keto recipes for meals and ideas. There are plenty of easy keto recipes to mix and match for an all of a month…or more!


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