About Us

Hi, I’m Olivia!

And this is my little Internet safe space that I’ve built just for you!

What started as a hobby to build some extra car payment money and recover from an recent MLM burn has turned into something I would have never imagined. A full-blown business that reaches thousands of people each month delivering easy recipes and helping them survive birthdays, holidays, and all the other temptations that come with being on a diet. To God be the glory because I couldn’t have done this on my own.

I live in Freeport, FL which you’ve probably never heard of, but it’s right up the road from the Destin/Panama City Beach area aka the Emerald Coast, one of the biggest tourist areas here in the panhandle of Florida. It’s pretty rare to be born and raised here so I’m really proud to say that I am. My favorite things in life are trying out new restaurants (especially if it’s Mexican), going on walks with my husband and daughter, and my Purple mattress (the 30s have changed me, ya’ll.)

In this space, I love to share easy, healthy, delicious quick and easy Keto recipes that I eat in my actual real life. If I haven’t personally tried it, I won’t share it. You’ll also find practical guides that a real person can implement. And by the way, I did all the research and digested it down to bite-sized portions for you. There is nothing that I can’t stand more is scrolling forever to find an answer. My hope is that you can put a stop to endless scrolling past information you don’t need and get to your answer faster. When I review products, I think about honesty and transparency to make sure you are getting exactly what you paid for.

Whether it’s learning about products or creating new recipes, first and foremost, I think about the people. Maybe you’re too busy or you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a fancy diet. I’m here to put an end to those preconceived thoughts. When I create recipes, I think about real life. Can a real person fit this into their daily life?

And I love easy keto recipes that help me spend more time with my family. You’ll notice many of my recipes are very simple to throw together with a just a little bit of this and that. I hate fluff so my goal is to bring you easy recipes that anyone can make in their actual real life even if they are short on time. No one has time for complicated these days! Let me show you how to hack your keto diet.